RG 1/144 Justice Gundam - Box Art & Official Images - Review

RG 1/144 Justice Gundam - Box Art & Official Images - Review

RG 1/144 Justice Gundam (Release Date: July 26th 2012, Price: 2500 yen) cuối tháng 7 ra mắt !



Release in July





9th RG is burdened with the name of the [justice], Justice Gundam! RG elaborate detail to be
Usually Mokuseyo -
- Beam boomerang tip of the shoulder ... The shoulder is the first time a kit is removable, reproduce the beam boomerang.
- The exchange of palm (sold separately) ... RG RG compatible with Freedom Gundam Freedom Gundam,
Machine can be reproduced in the play scene 2 holding hands.
- Connection for the stability of the body ... and ideas for the play Fato~umu -00 stable, equipped with a locking mechanism.
In addition, parts are also included support for the display of state (horizontal) -00 Fato~umu during deployment.
- ... Lifter connecting portion is detachable reproduction, and the lifter body gimmick it can be stored back to the center.
In addition, each battery, and the movable nozzle section.
- Equipped with a slide mechanism to reproduce the features of its own ... RG lifter by actual historical research. The aircraft during deployment
Slide the left and right, extended width. By this gimmick, to shoulder a gun without a detachable part of Fato~umu -00
It is possible to move.
- ZAFT forces based on the GAT series was taken from the Union ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam ...
MS was developed. In the sister machine of Freedom Gundam, machines with N jammer canceller.

- Accessories: beam saber, beam boomerang, shield, beam rifle, palm (right),
Rifle hand grip (right)

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Item Size : 31 x 19 x 8 cm

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