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Armed Armor DE x 2
Hyper Bazooka x 1
Beam Magnum x 1
Beam Saber x 4 [2 will be installed in its arms for beam tonfa use]
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The "Golden Phoenix” appears in Perfect Grade



Armed Armor DE x 2
Hyper Bazooka x 1
Beam Magnum x 1
Beam Saber x 4 [2 will be installed in its arms for beam tonfa use]

From the“MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC(Unicorn)”MSV, Equipped with two Armed Armor DE shields, Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex is released for Perfect Grade.

With gold coating applied on the exterior,

and the Psycho Frame applied with light-condensing blue-clear material.


●● A contrast of gold and blue-clear!


     Shiny gold coating is appied on the exterior of the large 1/60 scale model kit, and the impressive blue Psycho Frame is reproduced with a blue-clear molding from light condensing material.

    The contrast between gold and blue is perfectly finished with a sense of impact.

     With a style that differs from other Unicorn Gundams, when the LED unit (sold separately) is installed, a mysterious illuminative mood is created.


●● Armed Armor DE appears as two wings!


     Equipped with two Armed Armor DE shields. Based on the new connecting frame of the expansion/contraction gimmick for Armed Armor DE,

it shows the flexible mobility when the NT-D is activated, which presents the characteristic of RX-0.

    Besides attaching to the backpack, it can also be attached to the arms, which recreates the firing scene of the Mega Cannon.



    The unique Blade Antenna is reproduced with new molding, giving an impression of the golden “Phenex”.

    Finished in a gloss plating that contrasts with Unicorn Gundam, and Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee.



    Besides the Hyper Bazooka and Beam Magnum which carry various gimmicks, the standard Beam Saber weapon is also included.

It also allows to reproduce the Beam Tonfa on the front arm.


● Includes special stand

    ・ Allows to stably display with large Mobile Suit.

    ・ Separately sold LED unit includes controller and battery storage.



    Comes with water slide decal markings produced by Katoki Hajime.


● PACKAGE etc.

     A full color package based on the image of the golden exterior and the blue color of the Psycho Frame. Includes a special instruction manual.


Weapons : Armed Armor DE (×2) / Beam Magnum / Hyper Bazooka / Beam Saber


★★ Related item information(sold separately) ★★

NT-D activated! Enjoy the luminous effect of the Psycho Frame by installing the LED unit!

[PG 1/60 RX-0 For Unicorn Gundam LED unit](sold separately)

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