RX-78-2 Gundam (RG)

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RX-78-2 Gundam (RG)Khuyến mãi

(dòng mới ra năm này , cực kì nhiều chi tiết nhỏ , hiện đại , cữ đông linh hoạt , bên trong có cả máy bay)
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Real Grade RX-78-2 Gundam with Beam Saber

Even this kit is 1/144 scale, it have an inner frame just like the larger scale but the inner frame come with a pre-assembled on the runner and the runner contains arms and hands inner frame, upper body inner frame, waist inner frame (yes, even the waist got the inner frame), legs and feet inner frame. This frame called Advanced MS Joint is the one that makes this kit comes with a great articulation, this kit fingers have it own joint just like the Perfect Grade one but with index finger and thumb separated and the other three fingers attached to each other.

Advanced MS Joint (inner frame) on runner

Advanced MS Joint (assembled)

Hands and fingers

Other feature is a very detailed decal stickers, it is so much and so small that i got dizzy when stick them on the kit, but the decal really realistic you can even read the letters. And there’s a sliding armor gimmick on the front thigh armor, it slides when the legs bend.

Real Grade RX-78-2 Gundam comes with Beam Rifle, Hyper Bazooka, Shield, and a really anime like Beam for Beam Saber, oh…and Core Fighter too, it is so small and can be attached to the Gundam as the mobile suit cockpit.






In commemoration of the 30th anniversary, a new brand of Gundam Models
  has been created!
- RG (Real Grade) is a series that pursue [realistic-ness], to create accurately high detail,
  action and gimmicks, with a pre-constructed inner frame, to make assembling
  fun and easy, a new brand of plastic model kit for all those that knows Gundam.
- The Real System is the way to express the miniature-sized machine, pursuing reality of
  the machine to be enjoyed on the top of your palm.
- The interior construction up till now has been changed by the [Advanced MS Joint].
  The [System Injection] have evolved further, for use within the interior frame of RG.
  Just by removing parts from the frame, the interior frame gimmicks and movement
  range that surpasses MG has been achieved. With the number of parts on the frame
  reduced down to only 12 items, allowing a stress-free construction.
- The new decal [Realistic Decal]
  The high-quality decal to express the realistic texture, the [Realistic Decal].
  With the foil and marking merged as one, a brand new decal that has been compressed
  down to a single sheet. The decal with special material will give a weightier feel
  to it with more metallic expression.
- Coloring separation expression never seen before in 1/144 scale.
  By expressing the precise parts separation linked to the exterior parts of GR 1/144
  RX-78-2 Gundam, an exterior color separation that seems realistic has been achievable.
  Even the pickiest of modelers will approve of the result.
- Core Fighter can transform and able to be stored within the main machine.
  The first as 1/144 scale to have the capability of full transformation from the Core Fighter
  to Core Block fully reproduced. Furthermore, it has the ability to store within the
  body of Gundam itself. Plus, it has a special joint part used that prioritizes movement,
  managing to achieve the needs of both points.
- Using 3 types of frame gates to increase the level of finish.
  A gate is the area where the parts are connected to the plastic frame, and special gates
  have been developed to improve the quality of the finished product!
  [Canopy Gate] minimizes the whitening of the plastic as you cut parts off the frame,
  [Under Gate] prevents leaving traces of the gate on the parts surface, and the
  [Kusabi Gate] to allow you to work with separated parts easier, and the combined
  use of these gates directly improves the quality of finished product at plain construction.

- Accessories: Rifle, Bazooka, Saber, Shield, Core Fighter

Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 8 cm / 426g
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