Gundam AGE-1 Normal (MG)

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Gundam AGE-1 Normal (MG)Khuyến mãi

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- MG gene is passed on to the AGE - the first generation [Gundam normal AGE-1]
- Draw his cause 兼武 海老川, designed by High Detail sketch!
- Currently being broadcast [Mobile Suit Gundam: AGE] than the MG comes a first-generation lead aircraft. Whether MG
Per, who caused himself to draw a set of mechanical design 海老川. Dense detail
To reproduce. In addition, the emitters of the chest and head with foil seal, directing the light representation.
If the gimmick with MG in terms of opening and closing the cockpit hatch is incorporated in various parts of the production.
- Head: occiput, and add detail to the neck and also including the junction.
- Shoulders: add detail to the back of the shoulder armor. Such as flaps and thrusters, and also if the MG attractions.
- Waist: the connection with the body, as well as the hip, front waist armor, even armor back side
Add detail.
- Legs: inner leg armor. Near the point behind the movable armor is subjected to detail throughout.
- Knee: The knee characteristic can be selected from two types of seals and parts. The original school seal set,
School furniture is recommended that part.
- Feet: back heel, add detail on the back foot. The vernier is also the sole 施Shimashita new details.
- Weapons: shields, rifles Dodds additional details. Shield is a minor detail to the back

- Accessories: Rifle, shield, beam saber × 2, beam dagger × 2,
Pilot Figures (Standing)

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Item Size/Weight : 31.1 x 20.1 x 11.3 cm / 510g
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