Blitz Gundam (MG)

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Blitz Gundam (MG)Khuyến mãi

(mẫu mới ra năm nay ,nhiều chi tiết , cữ động linh hoạt ,nhiều vũ khí )
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- Blitz Gundam `The Raven` special warfare specification machines 2nd restart MG SEED.
- 2nd restart mosquito MG celebrated its 10th anniversary from [Gundam SEED], the boarding of Nicole
Blitz Gundam. By adopting a newly developed X-Frame, Pause and bold action
May provide excellent installation. In addition, the Grape and Neil Torikerosu an integrated weapons of offense and defense
To reproduce the rich gimmick.
Ki - draw a new sketch for developing MG! Reproduce the detail back armor!
- Torikerosu of the right arm. With beam saber, beam rifle, the Lancer Dart.
- An action-based support as an option. The newly developed X frame, posing a certain force
Can be reproduced.
- As the original MG gimmick, to be the image for a `generator` Mirage Colloid stealth
Deployment with the shoulder.
- Grape Neil was equipped with the left hand side. In addition to the movable claw part, reproduced in a wire during injection,
Mounting portion weapon after the injection, MG original.
- Gundam of five aircraft had been developed in Heliopolis ... (set version TV) GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam
Of a machine. Fuselage frame system was adopted X-200. Has a complete stealth performance,
Has been specialized for shock tactics.

- Accessories: Shield (Torikerosu), Lancer Dart, beam saber × 2,
Piercer lock (Grape Neil)

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Item Size/Weight : 39.1 x 31.2 x 7 cm / 645g


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