1/48 Sinanju Head Display Base Limited

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Sinanju Head Display Base dùng cho tất cả các loại HG ,RG , SD ...
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1/48 Sinanju Head Display Base LimitedKhuyến mãi

Sinanju Head Display Base dùng cho tất cả các loại HG ,RG , SD



As you can see it's a kit in itself! Although, I have no qualms about that. Though this has larger parts needing painted than I'm used to, it was still a quick build.

The assembly instructions were printed inside the magazine, and (not at fault to my lack of Japanese-e-ing) was not listed in the contents. So it took me a minute to find, because these pages are thin! But construction is fairly simple, and allowed me to do something to make this a little special...




I painted the parts after removing all of them from their runners, instead of one at a time. Which, by the way, I see so many Gunpla reviewers do and don't understand how they don't lose track of the parts O_O'

Anyway, heeeeeerrrrre's the final product:

I know you can't tell from the one photo at the end, but the monoeye can turn with the head, in lieu to how the Master Grade 2.0 Zaku kits have been. However, it sticks way easier (i.e., the MG Zaku's eyes don't), and in result, kept looking to the right more than centered >__<. So... I glued it, 'cause I'd rather it be centered than perpetually to the right.







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